Jonathan Anderson’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection for Loewe showcases an enormous creative revamp featuring futuristic closet staples and shapely silhouettes. The 53 pieces of wearable art were presented at the historic equestrian arena of La Garde Républicaine in Paris, where models entered the minimalistic wooden-floored runway from steps hidden underneath the stage.

The first three looks, though simple black maxi dresses, set the tone for the collection through the conceptualization of a contemporary fit with architectural waists constructing 3D geometric shapes. The trend of experimental pieces continued with sculptural metallic breastplates in gold and silver along with backward trench coats and denim jackets worn as dresses. This phenomenal collection shows how Anderson plays with not only fabrics but with garments into creating something revolutionary and birthing a new aesthetic.

The 16th-century Italian painter, Jacopo Pontormo, and his painting called The Deposition from the Cross was the inspiration for this collection. Pontormo was a mannerist artist who highlighted exaggeration and asymmetry in his figures. The display of hysteria in his artwork is what attracted and resonated with the creative designer.

The daring details included in the looks made them all the more surreal by ‘elevating the normal’. Fragile high heels made from egg yolks, birthday candles, and bottles of nail polish, along with stiff teddy bear fabric bags. Loewe has truly introduced us to the future of fashion.