Bonjour, mes amis! Emily in Paris’s young marketing whiz, Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) has returned for a new season in the City of Light. In case you need a quick refresher, Emily is an ambitious, fashion obsessed, well versed marketing exec from Chicago who was sent to Paris to work at a glamorous and fast-paced marketing firm, Savoir. Season 2 picks right up where it was left off with the bubbly and oh-so-American protagonist parading around the city in her wildly colourful, quirky and eclectic designer ensembles – all pieces that may seem ringarde amidst the typically sophisticated and subdued Parisian aesthetic.

This time around, the designer labels are plentiful, the fashion is louder, and the stakes are higher. Costume designer, Marylin Fitoussi, and costume consultant, the famed Patricia Field successfully managed to retain each character’s core aesthetic while elevating their sartorial style. This season incorporates refreshing looks from contemporary labels, including Balmain skirts, vintage Hermès jackets, and Miu Miu sunglasses which are spotted during Emily’s misadventures in the city and escapades in St. Tropez. Embodying the spirit of the South of France into fashion, the Netflix show also scored its first official collaboration with a full collection from My Beachy Side.

Wondering about how to bring a little bit of that luxury home? Ahead, get into the zone of a Parisian, croissant-fused fantasy while checking out all the best looks from this season!

Look 1

Photo: Netflix

The season started off strong with watermelon-inspired hues and a mix of stripes with plaid, immediately making it clear that Emily hasn’t lost her affinity for colour. She wears a boxy green Elie Saab shacket over a ribbed-knit striped polo top from Varsace and green geometric vintage Thierry Mugler mini skirt, anchored by a statement green belt.

Lily Collins recently told Glamour that Emily’s style has evolved a bit, to which Fitoussi agrees with, saying that the Chicago transplant is a bit more sophisticated this season. Her outfit in the first episode illustrates the same with a more refined look compared to her season 1 debut fit, with the Eiffel Tower themed blouse.

Meanwhile, Camille (Camille Razat) looks effortlessly chic in her avant-garde and monochromatic oversized Balmain jacket and black Patou pants. 

Look 2

Photo: Netflix

Emily wears an off-the-shoulder neckline and pleated voluminous sleeves midi dress by Tbilisi-based Anouki for a bateaux mouches ride along the Seine. According to Fashionista, Fitoussi envisioned a coat to finish off the whimsically romantic outfit, however, none of the options fit the bill, so she custom-designed a graphic-printed cocoon jacket from fabric found at the storied Tissus Market.

Staying true to her established themes, Emily pairs her heart dress with a bold Valentino bag, a white headband, and red bow-accented heels by Patou.

Look 3

Photo: Netflix

Emily’s jaunt to the French Riviera commenced with a Grace Kelly inspired look. She stepped out of her sleeper channeling a dramatic Hollywood glam vibe in a vintage blue stripped Courrèges dress and a stunning graphic patterned coat from a vintage boutique. Her ensemble is paired with Valentino sunglasses, Vivienne Westwood for Melissa heels, Maison Fabre gloves, and instead of the usual beret, a vintage scarf. 

An unexpected accessory that makes plenty appearances throughout the season are Emily’s fingerless driving gloves which are a part of a new collaboration by Field and luxury brand Seymoure.

Look 4

Photo: Netflix

For the trio’s day in the sunny and champère stocked beaches of St. tropez, Emily slips into a flirty lilac Magali Pascal dress, accessorized with Terry Dehavilland heels, a Carel France bag, and cute Miu Miu sunglasses.

During an interview with Elle, Fitoussi said, “When I started to design season 1, I was thinking too much about, for example, Mindy: ‘Oh, she’s a nanny. So she needs to run after the kids in a park, so she needs to have sneakers.’ When I designed Mindy with sneakers, I saw Patricia looking at [showrunner Darren Star] and Darren looking at Patricia, saying, ‘What is going on? Sneakers?’ It’s something that can’t happen in Darren’s world. They said, “Marylin, we don’t care about reality.” 

Mindy, who is now trying to launch a singing career, is always found decked up exuberant and playful outfits, such as in the above MSGM ruffled crop top and shorts.

Camille on the other hand is found wearing a super chic Valentino white blazer paired with bejeweled buckle creepers by Roger Vivier.

Look 5

Photo: Netflix

For her courtyard birthday fête, Emily looks perfectly soignée in a luxurious black mini-bow dress by Rotate Birger Christensen, paired with Tana Chung jewelry and a RIANNA + NINA kimono.

Look 6

Photo: Netflix

During the final episode of the season at Versailles, Emily is spotted in an extravagant bright red tulle confection from the Giambattista x H&M 2019 collaboration which she wears to Gregory Elliott Dupree’s (Jeremy O. Harris) shapewear fashion show. The dress is a modern take on the late Marie Antoinette, the subject of a 2006 movie. The ensemble is styled with Tana Chung earrings and two necklaces from Vanrycke.